Lesbians on Ecstasy - Giggles in the Dark (Remixes)

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Lesbians on Ecstasy remixed von den Stars der queeren Musikszene.

1. Revolt (Le Tigre)
2. Tell me does she love the Bass (Scream Club)
3. The Vegetarian Waving, A Rainbow Flag made of Raw Meat Principle (Speed Bike)
4. Queens of (Hanson Brother’s)
5. Tell me does she love the Bass (Sean Kosa)
6. Summer Luv (Tracy and the Plastics with Walt)
7. Bitchsy (Kids on TV with Maggie MacDonald)
8. Summer Luv (Jody Bleyle)
9. Manipulate (Katastrophe)
10. A Queen’s Struggle (Poetica)


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