k. d. lang - Summertime in the Windy City (Bootleg)

k. d. lang - Summertime in the Windy City (Bootleg)

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This rare broadcast from 1993 was recorded at the Soundstage Studios in Chicago in front of a small studio audience and broadcast simultaneously on the PBS network. Featuring a varied set including hits such as Constant Craving , Miss Chatelaine and Trail Of Broken Heats, as well as a solo version of Roy Orbison s Crying, the set also contains several surprises, a few rare covers and songs she hadn t performed live for many years. Bonus cuts come from a variety of TV broadcasts, including those originally from the Tonight Show, Letterman and Saturday Night Live.

Achtung Bootleg - schlechte Soundqualität! Nur was für echte Fans!


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