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The delicious romantic comedy was a smash hit at Sundance '96.
Set in a High School in suburban middle America, Late Bloomers tells the story of lonely middel-aged geometry teacher Dinah and her blossoming love affair with the Principal's married secretary, Carly. When news of their perversion spreads, all hell breaks loose. After a particularly hysterical PTA meeting, both women are fired. In true fairy-tale style, they stay together anyway - and teach the whole town a thing or two about selfrespect and tolerance. Directed by sisters Gretchen and Julia Dyer, Late Bloomers is that rare thing - a funny, intelligent lesbian love story.

Unter anderem mit: Connie Nelson, Dee Hennigan, Gary Carter, Lisa Peterson, Esteban Powell, Joe Nemmers

Technische Info: Dolby Digital Stereo
Sprachen: Englisch
Bildformat: 4:3
Untertitel: keine

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